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  2. "I'd rather pilot a one-legged Locust than ride "X" 'mech into battle!" : Battletechgame
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Picking up a heat source at long range, you activate your weapon systems. In the 31st Century warfare is common. Alfred Leonardi NOVA Suddenly you catch a glint of metal across the glade. The familiar hum of your PPC fills the cockpit and a solid click indicates your missiles are ready. Range is to your advantage but will that be enough to defeat this opponent? You alternate between speed and caution, picking slowly through the rubble and then darting across the open spaces.

Suddenly, the building beside you explodes from weapons fire.

The Let's Play Archive

Laser ready, missiles loaded, you leap into the courtyard. Can your speed and agility outwit this unknown foe? Scanning across the burning desert, you can see no sign of the enemy.

Can this landing really be unopposed? There, on the horizon! The unmistakeable dust cloud of approaching 'Mechs. Powering up, you move out.

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Can your awesome firepower defeat these unknown foes? Few opponents, however, suspect that your Locust has a bigger bite than most. Yours is the 1S variant, with machine guns stripped out and replaced by a pair of hefty SRM 2 packs. Your next opponent has a nasty surprise waiting for him Most 'Mechs dread worlds like this, but you have fewer problems.

The combination of large lasers and autocannon allow you to manage your heat buildup better. Suddenly, you spot a gleam of metal in the distance.

"I'd rather pilot a one-legged Locust than ride "X" 'mech into battle!" : Battletechgame

Your on-board computer does not recognize it as a friend. You fire a burst of lasers Clan Battle Armor. Gnome Battle Armor. VV1 Ranger. Scimitar MKII. Fox Armored Car. Shandra Scout Vehicle.

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MIT23 M. JI Recovery Vehicle. Mobile HQ. SM1 Tank Destroyer.

BattleTech 8604 - The Spider and the Wolf

Condor Tank. BE Joust Tank.

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JES Missile Carrier. Demon Medium Tank. M1 Marksman Tank. DI Schmitt Tank. Behemoth II Tank. MiningMech MOD. ConstructionMech MOD. AgroMech MOD.

ForestryMech MOD. Black Hawk. Janis Nova Cat. Fetanet Eryaman. Miguel V.

Pack Hunter. Leena Cochrane. Caden Senn. Ryoken II. Jaqueline Tadaka. Meghann Tenclay. Kendrick Fetladral. Mad Cat III. Kriya Wolf.

Tundra Wolf.